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21 Feb

Five Steps of Media Critique


1) The person talking seemed robotic and stiff although he seemed to be knowledgable on the subjects at matter. I could not catch the name of the man reporting the information but they were discussing the recent subject matter of budget cuts for Metro State.

2) The program focused heavily on subjects that would affect the citizens of Colorado and particularly talked about the Metro State budget cuts. It was tough trying to get a real read of the person talking because he was on the radio station, meaning you couldn’t read his facial expressions.

3) It seemed as if the announcer of the radio program was leaning in the direction of anti budget cuts at Metro State but again it was tough getting a real read of him behind closed doors essentially. This would make sense though because most of the listeners probably would also be anti budget cuts at Metro State for various reasons.

4) After hearing what the announcer of the radio programs had to say on the topic and after he presented evidence for his opinion I have come to the decision to agree with him. He showed various reasons why the budget cuts would affect the quality of the education you would receive at Metro State.

5) All in all I feel like the broadcaster of the program did a very good job on presenting the topic. I for one , had no idea this was even going on and was most definitely swayed by the broadcaster’s views of the topic as a whole. As a broadcaster if you can mold the opinions of people then you have done a well job.


1) Again I could unfortunately not catch the name of the broadcaster for this show although he seemed to be very similar as the broadcaster of Colorado Matters in a mannerism sense. They both displayed a robotic deep voice but at the same time just reeked of knowledge.

2) The broadcaster of Face the Nation talked about various domestic and international issues including the topic of the chaos in Egypt. The broadcaster mainly just presented the facts of the topic and why it was happening rather than injecting personal opinions of the matter into his show.

3) This broadcaster seemed to be a glorified news ticker rather than your expected analysis. Some may not be too fond of this idea but I liked it. I would much rather hear the facts and come to an informed decision rather than just be a “mockingbird” of Glen Bleck or of your local newspaper writer.

4) There wasn’t much of an opinion to be had about the topic of Egypt that the broadcaster presented. It’s pretty much a consensus opinion that it isn’t a good situation across the pond in general.

5) Overall I feel the broadcaster did his job of giving America the news. He may not have been the most opinionated man but he did just enough to slide by.



14 Feb

1) Rap-A-Lot records is an independent music company located out of Houston, Texas. Rap-A-Lot produces mostly rap music, hence the title. The most famous group that Rap-A-Lot produces are the Ghetto Boys, who just so happen to inhabit a lot of space on my iPod.

2) The label produces Rap music which seemingly shows that they are trying to target the African American crowd, but I disagree. I personally believe that Rap is an artistic form of “chants” and “rythyms” that can be targeted to anybody. I know plenty of people both black and white that listen to rap music. I don’t think it can just be targeted to African American’s anymore because the popularity has exploded to all races

3) The biggest problem that most independent record labels will face in their journies are simple funding. Most independent labels will be lucky to have one semi famous group or artist that they will represent.

4) Independent record labels are very important for the game because they keep the big record labels on their heels. The big record labels know that if they let their guard down for even a minute there is a chance that they will be overtaken by a small label that actually cares about the music and not just the paychecks.

5) I was unsuccessful in trying to get the Ghetto Boys on the airwaves. I call KS 1075 twice and both times got a busy signal. I call HOT 1071 once and spoke to the DJ about playing the group and he said he would. I waited for 20-30 minutes and never heard the song so I turned the radio off


7 Feb

During the recent political elections I did have a chance to sit down and read a few political blogs posted on the internet. Most specifically was the blog posted by Republican activist Rush Limbaugh and I am not familiar much with any other political blogging. Not only do I think that blogs can change the coverage of political elections but I strongly believe that they can even change the outcome. Whichever candidate has the most coverage and support through the blogs of the world wide web has an automatic hand up on their opponent. If bloggers that get a high amount of traffic per day support a candidate it will help them very much.

The world wide web is used throughout the United States for many different reasons then what your average American uses it for on a daily basis. Throughout the world people use Email and News probably the most, but in America; Facebook, Twitter, and online shopping rule the cyberspace. I do believe that social networking is a good way for the people to unite. Whenever a big news story breaks sometimes I find myself finding out on Facebook by looking at my news feed. That being said it would be tough to shut down the internet in America but if someone did it would be disastorous. People would resort to widespread panic without knowing whats going on and communication with friends and family.