14 Feb

1) Rap-A-Lot records is an independent music company located out of Houston, Texas. Rap-A-Lot produces mostly rap music, hence the title. The most famous group that Rap-A-Lot produces are the Ghetto Boys, who just so happen to inhabit a lot of space on my iPod.

2) The label produces Rap music which seemingly shows that they are trying to target the African American crowd, but I disagree. I personally believe that Rap is an artistic form of “chants” and “rythyms” that can be targeted to anybody. I know plenty of people both black and white that listen to rap music. I don’t think it can just be targeted to African American’s anymore because the popularity has exploded to all races

3) The biggest problem that most independent record labels will face in their journies are simple funding. Most independent labels will be lucky to have one semi famous group or artist that they will represent.

4) Independent record labels are very important for the game because they keep the big record labels on their heels. The big record labels know that if they let their guard down for even a minute there is a chance that they will be overtaken by a small label that actually cares about the music and not just the paychecks.

5) I was unsuccessful in trying to get the Ghetto Boys on the airwaves. I call KS 1075 twice and both times got a busy signal. I call HOT 1071 once and spoke to the DJ about playing the group and he said he would. I waited for 20-30 minutes and never heard the song so I turned the radio off


One Response to “2-14-2011”

  1. mutipersonaility March 13, 2011 at 9:22 pm #

    I believe your right when you say it can go to all races black and white…its a new day in age and people are starting to listen to just about everything

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