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18 Apr

ESPN is the self proclaimed ” World Wide Leader in Sports”. The station airs countless sporting events throughout the year including high profile NFL, MLB, NBA and NCAA events. These events that are broadcasted on ESPN are some of the highest profile games of the year, last year’s slate included NFL Monday Night Football, MLB Sunday “Game of the Week”, the NCAA BCS National Championship games and highly anticipated NBA events.


      – Texas vs Alabama in the BCS National Championship – 30 million viewers

      – Lakers vs Celtics in Game 7 of the NBA Finals – 28 million viewers

      – Ohio State vs Oregon in the Rose Bowl – 27 million viewers

How do they attract millions and millions of people to watch these games?

SPORTSCENTER – A one hour show featuring highlights, analysis, and predictions from sports “experts”. This show uses a combination of a “hip” appearance and loads of retired athletes to create a sense of trust with the viewers. Sportscenter is a one of a kind show and has the sports newscasts on TV in a monopoly. If you want to see sports news then your watching Sportscenter. This makes is very simple for the newscasters and “experts” to manipulate the mass population to create storylines, as well as “heros” and “villains”.

EXAMPLE 1 – LeBron James and his “Decision”

Your telling me that 3 All-Stars and 2 of the top 3 players in the league join together and the TV Exec’s and NBA Commissioner have no say on it? Could these guys have joined up in San Antonio if they had wanted too? Or is it just lucky for the NBA and ESPN that they join in one of the biggest states in the country and one of the top TV markets?